Can a laser hair comb really stimulate hair regrowth and reduce hair loss?
The honest answer is:
Not for everyone.
The laser hair growth brush is proven to improve hair growth for anyone who has live hair follicles in their scalp.
Those who do not – may not benefit from this effective, natural, non-invasive, and cost-effective hair loss treatment.
The laser hair growth comb can help both men and women with various degrees of hair loss, whether from hormonal imbalance or Androgenetic Alopecia.
And, It can save you a ton of money on hair growth clinics or dermatologist visits.

Do Laser Combs Work?
A laser brush for hair growth is basically an infrared (Low-Level Laser) heated hairbrush. Though Laser sounds like something that can burn a hole through your head, actually, laser brushes use Low-Level Laser that won’t burn your scalp and are perfectly safe.
The infrared light stimulates hair follicles (via photobiostimulation) and “wakes them up” back into the hair growth cycle (known as the Anagen phase).
Here’s what happens:
● The process naturally increases ATP and keratin production, which are the enzymes responsible for delivering energy to living cells, including hair follicles.
● LLLT increases local blood circulation, which speeds up and promotes the delivery of key nutrients for growing new, strong, and healthy hair.

The result?
Thicker, stronger, fuller, and healthier hair growth, and reduced hair thinning and loss.
(And a little-known bonus: An infrared comb can be very helpful for scalp eczema and itching. This wavelength is proven to reduce skin redness and itching)

Laser Comb Side Effects
Through our research, no side effects were reported in all studies.
A total of seven double-blind studies (studies listed at the end of the post), involving more than 450 male and female subjects, were conducted on the Laser Comb at several research facilities.
All subjects (ages 25-60) suffered from Androgenetic Alopecia for at least a year.
Through the study, they used the laser comb for 8-15 minutes, 3 times a week – for 26 weeks.

The result?
93% success rate in reducing hair loss, growing new, fuller, and more manageable hair. This increase was an average of about 19 hairs/cm over a six-month period.

How to Use Use a Laser Comb for Hair Growth
To get the best hair growth results, you simply pass the comb slowly over the scalp area where you suffer from hair loss or thinning hair – about three times a week for 8-15 minutes each time (treatment time depends on the device). Use it on a clean scalp, free of any styling products, excess oils, gels, and sprays – as they can block the light from reaching your hair follicles

Consistency is key in this home hair growth treatment. If you won’t commit to following instructions – your chances of positive results will be lower than average.

Post time: Apr-03-2021