Phototherapy Laser Comb Anti Hair Loss Scalp Care Electric Massage Comb LED Light Therapy Hair Brush with USB Rechargeable

Short Description:

Model Number  LJ-200
Product size  23 * 4.5 * 4cm
Net weight  100g
Material  ABS+PC
Charging voltage  5V/1A
Battery  3.7V/500mah
Color  Blue, Red
Massage head  49 massage heads
Vibration frequency  6000rmp/min
Blue light wavelength  400-480nm
Red light wavelength  620-720nm

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1.Massage your scalp with a vibration frequency of 6000rmp, relax muscle and relieve fatigue, stimulate cell activity and promotes the absorption of the nutrition. Frequently use can prevent from headache or intermittent headache.

2. Blue Light Phototherapy: Stimulate hair follicle and control oil, anti-inflammatory effect, relax and calm the scalp skin, promote hair health, improve hair quality.

3. Red Light Phototherapy: Enhance your blood circulation, so that the oxygen and nutrients can be sent to hair follicle, promote collagen growth and anti hair loss.


1. Anti hair loss.
2. Stimulate hair follicle and promote hair regrowth.
3. Reduce oil excretion.
4. Improve scalp health and hair quality.
5. Accelerate blood circulation of scalp and improve metabolism.

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